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Delta Physical Therapy: Expert Physical Therapy Specialists

Maybe you’re recovering from knee surgery or suffering from shooting pain up and down your arm. Perhaps you have a pinched nerve in your back that’s causing your fingers to go numb, limiting your ability to type at your job. Or maybe you’re an active senior who wants to ensure your mobility and balance stay where they need to be for you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle. Physical therapy is a remarkable treatment method designed to loosen tissue and muscle, increasing lost mobility after surgery and eradicating shooting pain. Delta Physical Therapy has a team of physical therapy specialists to ensure Baton Rouge, LA seniors can continue to hit the golf course or enjoy Sunday evening walks. Physical therapy is highly effective as a remediating tool, as well as a preventative measure, contributing to better health across the board. If you’re a Baton Rouge, LA resident, or someone who lives in the nearby surrounding areas, physical therapy might be for you.

Our Physical Therapy Specialists Give You Individualized Attention

Delta Physical Therapy deliberately keeps our client list low, allowing us to be more thorough with our patients. We’ve found that one of the problems with the healthcare system is overworked doctors who tend to hurry from one patient to the next to keep up with appointment times and paperwork. Unfortunately, that can lead to patients being treated in ways that do not best suit them. Rushed or inattentive medical care sometimes results in unnecessary surgeries. 

We believe physical therapy is immensely beneficial and can even mitigate the need for surgical procedures (in some cases) because physical therapy can neutralize debilitating pain at the source, rather than burying the pain with the use of potentially-dangerous prescription pain medications. Most importantly, physical therapy is versatile; you can find benefit in Delta Physical Therapy’s services if you’re suffering from: 

· A herniated disc

· Plantar fasciitis

· Heel or bone spurs

· Tendinitis or tendonitis 

· Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow

· Sciatica 

· Pinched nerves

· Osteoporosis 

· Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

· Bursitis 

· Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears

· Sprains

· Pulled muscles

· Muscle strains

· Spondylosis

· Spinal stenosis

Avoid Surgery By Contacting Our Physical Therapy Specialists

Delta Physical Therapy is trusted in Baton Rouge, LA because our physical therapy specialists understand the unique benefits physical therapy pose and how to get the most out of physical therapy treatments. Most of our patients see us because they’ve suffered an injury or have had surgery. However, studies have also shown that some injuries – like lower back conditions – respond as favorably to physical therapy as they do to invasive options. Considering the money and risk factors associated with surgery, it’s worth considering the healing effects of physical therapy. We use scientifically-proven exercises to target the areas of your back – or any other affected area – and strengthen them. Going under the knife should always be option Z, and Delta Physical Therapy is capable of using our knowledge to help you avoid it. Our physical therapy specialists can help restore mobility and leave you with a virtually pain-free existence. 

Conquer the Aging Process with Preventative Physical Therapy

It’s no secret that as Baton Rouge, LA residents age, their bodies begin to “break down.” Muscle strains and sprains are more common, and it requires more attention and care to maintain an active lifestyle. Additionally, risk factors for life-altering medical conditions increase. The good news is, the physical therapy specialists at Delta Physical Therapy know a wide range of exercises that can help hold those issues at bay. Whether providing non-invasive relief to joint pains or arthritis or easing the symptoms of osteoporosis, physical therapy works wonders. Our physical therapy specialists in Baton Rouge, LA can even treat patients suffering from the effects of cardiac issues – like a heart attack – or aid clients in recovering from a debilitating stroke. More importantly, physical therapy can help manage the symptoms of heart and lung disease, and train the body to deal with diabetes or vascular conditions. 

Contact Our Physical Therapy Specialists for a Free Consultation

At Delta Physical Therapy, our Baton Rouge, LA physical therapy specialists strive to provide an outstanding, healing patient experience from your first visit to your last. It makes no difference to us why you’re seeing us. We only care about improving your quality of life and getting you back on the road to recovery. So, whether you’re a hard-charging professional football player or a retiree anxious to get back on the golf course, we’ll be there for you. We believe physical therapy can benefit everybody, and we open our doors to patients of all kinds. If you’ve experienced an injury or you’re experiencing mystery pain or numbness, call the physical therapy specialists at Delta Physical Therapy today to schedule a free consultation. Delta Physical Therapy is here to help change the way you move, to change what moves you

Direct access

Direct access passed  was passed via Senate Bill 291 on June 6, 2016. This allows direct access to your physical therapist without referral from your physician.  

While a valuable change to healthcare in Louisiana, many major insurance companies do not yet recognize this legislative change and still require a referral from a treating physician. 

At Delta, our helpful office staff can  obtain a referral from your physician so that you can focus on getting  out of pain and back to what moves you!


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