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Delta Physical Therapy Performs Sports Physical Therapy

Delta Physical Therapy delivers highly-effective sports physical therapy to athletes suffering from a variety of injuries. Major injuries not only threaten your ability to compete in the short-term, but they can also destroy your career, so it is vital to get started on your recovery immediately. Even minor strains have a noticeable effect on your performance, resulting in decreased speed, power, and agility. That’s why it’s essential to contact our office immediately if you or one of your athletes have suffered an injury of any kind. Delta Physical Therapy’s sports therapy experts see a wide array of patients suffering from numerous conditions , including:

  • Strained hip flexors: Located on the upper-front side of your thigh, hip flexor muscles are responsible for enabling athletes to lift their knees to their trunk. They also allow flexible movement to and away from the other leg, when injured these muscles can keep athletes off the field and on the sidelines. Sports physical therapy can help restore strength and mobility to the hip flexor area with a precise combination of and specialized hip-strengthening exercises.
  • Torn and strained anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs): The ACL is a critical stabilizing ligament in your knee. ACL injuries can be devastating, as they result in missed time and pain. They can also threaten your long-term ability to compete. Athletes typically injure their ACL while changing directions suddenly, resulting in torn ligaments. Sports medicine physical therapy restores strength and flexibility following this injury, we use a multi-factorial treatment method including weight training as well as blood flow restriction training (BFR) to help get you stronger and back out on the playing field. 
  • Pulled groins: Groin pulls significantly affect an athlete’s ability to move side-to-side, as the groin muscles are on the upper-inner thigh and bring your legs together. Sports physical therapy helps restore normal lateral movement; a critical skill needed for athletes of all kinds. Our Baton Rouge, LA sports physical therapy specialists use stretching and strengthening exercises to restore lost flexibility and strength.
  • Shin splints: Shin splints are common in runners and cause pain in the lower leg bones. As you run, you create a good deal of compression and contact against the ground. Even with high-quality shoes, shin splints are possible. Delta Physical Therapy’s athletic physical therapy focuses on gradually increasing your normal running activities while targeting the injured area with a combination of rest, ice, and heat therapies. Once able, we introduce strength training to keep you running pain-free for all of your days.
  • Sciatica: Athletes who generate a good deal of torque with their backs or consistently arch them are prone to this condition, which causes pain to radiate down your back and creates numbing, burning, and tingling effects in your leg. Golfers and cyclists are among the most common athletes to suffer from sciatica. Sports physical therapy is effective in reducing pain and restoring normal functions. 
  • Strained and pulled hamstrings: The best way to avoid hamstring injuries is to be properly warmed up before your sport of choice. However, despite thorough warm-ups they’re still common injuries for athletes. Hamstring strains, pulls, and tears affect an athlete’s explosiveness (such as a wide receiver’s ability to get by defenders or how easily a basketball center can jump to defend the rim). To treat them, we use manual therapy and strengthening techniques and other methods to promote healing. 
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow: Both of these injuries usually occur due to overuse. Repetitive motion, especially if the movement is intense and athletic, can cause inflammation in the elbow area. Golfers and tennis players can see a reduction in playing time due to tennis and golfer’s elbow. We may use dry needling or even suggest braces to take pressure off the elbow but will quickly transition to various exercises to restore function and strength and get you back on the course or court.
  • Shoulder injuries: From misaligned shoulders, due to poor posture, and strains, shoulder injuries need the care of sports medicine physical therapy to heal. Shoulder injuries affect a wide array of athletes, including quarterbacks, basketball players, and tennis players. We use a wide variety of techniques to restore your ability to use your strength to be successful. 
  • Ankle sprains: Awkwardly landing on an opponent’s foot or the ground can cause your ankle to “roll over” or “buckle,” leading to sprained ankles. The ligaments in your ankles aren’t meant to stretch past a certain point. We often see basketball, soccer, and volleyball players suffering from ankle sprains of varying severity. Our sports therapy is designed to restore the ankle mobility and prevent reoccurence of nagging ankle sprains by focusing on proper balance and landing strategies for a well-rounded approach to recovery. 

Athletes Rely on Our Sports Therapy in Baton Rouge, LA

As you well know, keeping your body in pristine working order is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete. Your performance relies on it. Delta Physical Therapy offers sports therapy to assist athletes of all kinds and all ages. Volleyball players,  cross-country runners,  swimmers, and basketball players have all sought our sports therapy specialists out after suffering from an injury. We’ll restore the strength, flexibility, and mobility you rely on to compete. Contact Delta Physical Therapy today to schedule a free consultation. 


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