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Recovery Services in Baton Rouge

Dry Needling

Dry Needling Treatment

Dry needling is a treatment in physical therapy practice aimed to stimulate a healing response in painful neuromusculoskeletal conditions. 

Used to treat conditions such as, but not limited to, neck pain, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, TMJD, knee pain and many others dry needling is a safe and highly effective way to reduce your pain. 

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Treatment

Manual therapy techniques are skilled hand movements  used by physical therapist to aide in relief of pain and movement dysfunction. Techniques  such as joint mobilizations and massage are intended to improve tissue extensibility and increase range of motion in order to modulate pain and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction. 


Traditional Massage Therapy

Our partnership with licensed massage therapist, Jill Neubig, allows a whole person approach to traditional massage therapy.  

Jill has been in the business for 20+ years and offers expertise geared toward getting you moving your best. By open communication between your physical and massage therapists, you get results to get you  performing at your best. 


Normatec Boots to Enhance Blood Flow

Normatec boots work to enhance blood flow and recovery whether you are training for a marathon, Crossfit competition or are just sore from a hard day at the gym. 

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

By utilizing advanced technology we can help guide you to restore the balance of the autonomic nervous system to optimally perform and recover. 

Our clinicians love the insight we get from using the WHOOP band to help balance recovery, strain and sleep to unlock our true potential.