Our team at Delta Physical Therapy firmly believes knowledge is power and is the biggest part of your thorough treatment plan. We make it a priority to involve you in your transformation to wellness by providing insight to your current problems from basic anatomy to understanding of a disease process. We feel like you should be comfortable asking your therapist, or any healthcare provider, not only about your current diagnosis but also about their level of education. So please take some time to learn a little about us, so we can best help you!


Being strong can have multiple meanings across the lifespan and we are here to help make being strong meaningful for you. So whether you are trying to overcome a devastating injury from a car accident, a long standing bout of back pain or general deconditioning from lack of activity our therapist are here to make you stronger. We will partner with you to to find tasks that are challenging but achievable to fit your lifestyle.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a technique used by our physical therapists to improve tissue extensibility, reduce pain and improve joint function. Our highly trained therapists are constantly improving their skill set when it comes to manual therapy techniques to help get you moving pain-free again.