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When you are looking for a reliable physical therapy clinic in Baton Rouge, LA, Delta Physical Therapy has you covered. Our small team provides high-quality and evidence-based physical therapy when you need it the most. With us, you'll receive expert diagnostics and constant communication so we can ensure that you receive the most favorable outcome possible. With our comprehensive care, accompanied by our cost-effective pricing options, the team at Delta Physical Therapy can help you have a better tomorrow.

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We  love our profession and talking about how it can make a difference in your life even more! 

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The Services We Offer at Our Physical Therapy Clinic


When you visit our physical therapy clinic, our team of physical therapist will help you move better so you can live better. No matter your stage of life or activity level, we can improve your quality of life through the following services:

Our Services

Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a cost-effective and straightforward way to address aches and pains without the need for invasive surgery or pain medications. Through this service, patients receive treatment for injury or illness through physical methods, including manual therapy, strengthening and pain modulating modalities. 

Orthopedic Therapy

 Orthopedic therapy is an accumulation of treatment methods and is a critical part of the healing process. The exercises patients learn during treatment will help them to regain their former strength and mobility, providing relief to their overall body. 

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports therapy at our physical therapy clinic works to help athletes who have suffered a serious injury. Whether you’re a volleyball player, cross-country runner, or swimmer, sports physical therapy will restore your strength, flexibility, and mobility so you can get back out there and compete as soon as possible. 


We offer a plethora of performance services to get your body back on track. Whether you would benefit from blood flow restriction training, movement analysis or sport enhancement drills let Delta Physical Therapy be your one-stop-shop for body-enhancing performance solutions.  


When you are recovering from a motor vehicle accident, surgery or a sports injury, you want to make sure you're improving effectively. That's why we offer dry needling, manual therapy, massages, and other recovery options like Normatec to help speed up the process.


Physical therapy is an excellent choice for managing many illnesses and injuries. Not only is it an invaluable option when it comes to relieving pain, but it also works to strengthen problem areas so you can feel and move better!

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When you need comprehensive physical therapy services, the qualified team at Delta Physical Therapy offers patients effective treatment and lasting results. With one of the best patient-to-therapist ratios in Baton Rouge, we ensure that every one of our clients receives the individual and specialized treatment they deserve. If you are suffering from the aftermath of a traumatic car accident, have experienced a severe sports injury, or need help coping through an extensive orthopedic surgery, contactour compassionate team of physical therapists now! 


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