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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blow Flow Restriction Training

A technique used by physical therapists to enhance recovery time by increasing muscle mass, strength and even bone quality. 

Blood flow restriction  training (BFR) uses a medical grade cuff around the arms or legs to recruit more muscle fibers with less weight, resulting in less stress on your joints and tissues. 

Strengthen and Lengthen

Physical Therapy Yoga

Our rotating list of instructors in a calming environment is sure to bring the physical therapy and yoga together. Join us for classes in the Spring of 2019!

Sports Enhancement

Sports physical therapy programs

No matter what team you are a part of, Delta Physical Therapy can get you back on the field, court or track. 

Our physical therapist tailor programs to fit your specific needs and get you back in the game pain free. 

GEAUX Crossfit

GEAUX CrossFit Strength & Conditioning Program

Community is everything and we love to be a part of an active community.  Join us for a workout with our neighbors over at GEAUX CrossFit. 

Geaux CrossFit is a community based strength and conditioning program. It is our mission to create an environment that allows all fitness levels to thrive. Whether you have an athletic background or you are starting your fitness journey for the first time, our experienced coaches and welcoming community will get you the results you are searching for

Power Running

athletes power running

Are you a runner looking to get stronger, maybe that next PR? Or are you a CrossFit athlete looking to get better on those running WODs? 

Either way we have a stellar team to help you perform at your best!

We are joined by Doctor Kasey Hill from Ochsner Health Systems and FLEX BR to bring you Power Running. This is an entry level fitness class not only for runners learning to lift weights, but weight lifters wanting to run.