” You are next to a CrossFit gym? You must get A LOT of business from there!”

” I’ve seen CrossFit on TV… that’s crazy stuff!”

” CrossFit is for young athletes.”

Wrong, wrong…and wrong!

CrossFit is an incredible methodology for ALL humans to become more fit and healthy. We are incredibly lucky to have a gym next to us that is focused on just that. Sure, when you watch the CrossFit games on TV you see unbelievable feats of strength, skill and endurance that the average person could never achieve. But that is also true when watching the Tour De France or even the Sunday Football game- but we can all ride a bike or throw a ball with our kids. It is all a matter of scale. CrossFit is a methodology that uses constantly varied functional movements to develop health and fitness. Life (for ALL of us) is filled with constantly varied functional movements!

At Delta we have a different approach in which we incorporate a more fitness forward approach to your care as we help you achieve your goals. Come find out why Physical Therapy should truly be PHYSICAL.